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Inexpensive solution for arranging rideshares

Ride2go GmbH provides a ridesharing platform for large events. These are e.g. festivals, sporting events, church days, demonstrations ...
The ridesharing platform offered is individually adapted to the respective event/region and can be operated as an independent portal and/or integrated into an existing website of the event.
The cost of providing the ridesharing platform ranges from free to low-cost, depending on the type, character and size of the event.
In the case of any costs incurred, Ride2go GmbH only charges costs for the operation of the ridesharing platform, no setup and/or creation costs. All user support is provided by Ride2go GmbH (no additional work for the organizer). The system is completely free for the user.
Advertisements from event participants:
The event participant can have specific ridesharing advertisements displayed by other event participants or use all other ridesharing advertisements in the existing ride2go network.
Flexible choice of start and destination:
Specific locations of the event can be stored and named in the system (e.g. meeting point A of festival XY). This makes it easier for the participants to find or select known/communicated meeting points on the event site.
Reasons for using ridesharing solutions at major events:
  • Organization of the arrival and departure of event participants
  • Relief of public transport and access routes to the event location
  • Reduction of provision costs for parking spaces
  • Measure to relieve the environment and society
Privacy? Public transport connection? …more?
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