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Inexpensive solution for arranging rideshares

Ride2go GmbH provides companies with a company-specific standard solution at the flat rates listed below. The all-inclusive price refers to the total size of the company (number of employees). The company solution can be used at all company locations (worldwide) for the specified flat rate.
Ride2go GmbH only charges costs for operation, no set-up and/or creation costs. The contract period is 1 year (automatically extended by 1 year if not canceled up to 1 month before the end of the year). All user support is provided by Ride2go GmbH (no additional effort for the company). The system is completely free for the user.
The software offered for arranging rideshares is adapted to the respective region of the company and can be operated as an independent portal and/or integrated into an existing intranet/internet presence of the company.
Ads from colleagues:
The affiliation to a company can be stored in the profile of a user via an individual code. The user can restrict the search result to advertisements with the same affiliation (e.g. he only sees advertisements from colleagues). Likewise, an advertising user can decide independently whether he wants to make his advertisement accessible to all users or only to his colleagues in the company.
Flexible choice of start and destination:
Company-specific locations can be stored and named in the system (e.g. Max Muster GmbH, Tor 123). This makes it easier for employees to find or select the usual/known meeting places of the company.
Statistics/success measurement:
To measure success, we provide visitor statistics and a special view of advertisements for your company's locations or in the region. User activity can be viewed/evaluated at any time using these two tools. This is particularly helpful for monitoring the success of an advertising marketing campaign.
  • Reasons for companies to use ridesharing solutions:
  • Reduction of provision costs for parking spaces
  • Strengthening of the social network among employees
  • Measure to relieve the environment and society
  • transport connection of the company
Privacy? Public transport connection? …more?
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The following companies are already using our solution:
  • Continental AG
  • Fraport AG (Flughafen Frankfurt)
  • BMW Group Werk Leipzig
  • Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co. KG
  • thyssenkrupp Automotive Systems GmbH
  • Schenker Deutschland AG
  • Randstad Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG
  • Rhenus Automotive SE
  • Ceva Logistics & CEVA Freight Germany GmbH
  • Future Electronics
  • Rudolph Automotive Logistik GmbH
  • AVANCE Automotive GmbH
  • Schedl Automotive GmbH & Co. KG
  • Schnellecke Sachsen GmbH